Do you want to feel freedom in business?

Maybe also you are daily facing high indirect costs, dependence on key partners and other troubles that hinder development and reduce the bargaining position of your business on the market.

These issues are our daily bread and thanks this ability have our partners more time for improvement and stabilisation of  market position.

V&N Consulting ltd. is more than consulting, we are partners for your business!

V&N Consulting is your smooth journey.

Unique pillar of cooperation:

  • Production digitalization
  • Business partners recommendation

Verified partners portfolio

Seeking new partners is business? Would you appreciate new suppliers or customers? Would you enter automotive industry? In case of one YES question at least, contact us!

Production digitalization

We digitize processes and improve working conditions for employees. We are implementing Industry 4.0 through a paperless workshop, performance monitoring (OEE), predictive maintenance and ANDON displays.